About Kratom

Kratom (Mitragyna speciosa) is a tree-like plant from Southeast Asia that belongs to the same family of plants as coffee and gardenias. Kratom has been used as an herbal remedy in Thailand and neighboring countries for hundreds of years for a number of ailments. It has dose-dependent stimulant and opiate-like effects.

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What Is Kratom?

The Kratom tree (Mitragyna speciosa) grows across South Asia. It’s leaves are used for several purposes, and have been for hundreds of years. In recent times experimenting with the powder created from the leaves for pain relief, anxiety and mood problems, depression, low energy levels and increasing euphoria has become commonplace.

Because each region has different growing attributes, the Kratom leaves contain different properties depending on where they come from.

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The Key Benefits Of Kratom

Kratom can deliver several benefits to physical and emotional well-being. Again, it depends on the strain of Kratom leaf you are using, but generally the positive effects are:

  • Relief from drug withdrawal (primarily opiates such as heroin)
  • Pain relief (analgesic)
  • Can boost energy levels
  • Works as an antidepressant
  • Relieves anxiety and promotes calm
  • Can enhance your mood to the point of euphoria
  • Has the potential to stimulate the immune system
  • Contains significant antioxidants

What Are The Effects Of Kratom?

Kratom for pain relief

Kratom has been proven to be effective as a pain management tool. Instead of taking lots of different medications, many people have found that you can relieve the symptoms of physical and emotional pain through taking high quality Kratom.

Kratom for euphoria/high

People in Asia have been using Kratom more frequently to gain a euphoric high. It is used as the base of several cocktails widely available in Thailand for example, which have become popular with locals and tourists for producing a safe and legal highs. In safe doses it has been found to raise the mood, and produce a high state of optimism and satisfaction.

Kratom for energy

Kratom has been strongly linked with enhanced physical energy and concentration levels. Many people claim it’s effects are similar to many nootropics such as modafinil, producing a sharper focus and combating fatigue.

Kratom for emotional issues

because of its euphoric properties, in the correct dosage Kratom has been found to help with emotional issues such as anxiety, stress and depression. People trying to kick an addiction to opiates such as heroin and even cocaine have also found that Kratom can ease those withdrawal symptoms, and also those of the emotional issues that accompany withdrawal.


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