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  • Kratom Uses

Natural Pain Relief

  • September 23, 2019

Natural Pain Relief

Everyone seeks a way for natural pain relief. Kratom has been the answer to thousands of people and it continues to grow in popularity as one of the best ways for a natural way for pain relief.

Kratom contains a chemical known as mitragynine. This chemical has the makeup or similar effects to other opiates such as morphine and codeine to name a few. It is because of this chemical that Kratom is able to provide the natural pain relief. It is exactly because of this chemical that kratom is helping people to wean off from addictions to harsh legal and illegal opiates.

Kratom Dosage

Dosage is important as well to help in your fight for pain relief. Too much of it as is in everything else can lead to the opposite effect. Another important factor to account for is that each individual is different and have different tolerance levels. Some may need extra grams to achieve the results of pain relief and some need less than what is commonly accepted.

One table spoon of kratom is equal to about 6 to 7 grams. The most commonly accepted dosage to start from is 3 grams. Work your way up until you find the correct amount that you feel comfortable with and is safe and effective.

How to use Kratom

Use kratom in the mornings on an empty stomach or a few hours after breakfast. Wait up to 45 minutes before deciding how you feel. If you feel you need more then take another 1 or 2 grams. Typically this second time around is where most people start feeling the effects of kratom. If after 30 minutes after taking the second round and you still don’t feel anything go for the third round with another 1 or 2 grams.

Take into account your weight and tolerance levels as well. Because of these and other factors the dosage will almost certainly be different for each individual.

Most people dilute the fine powder of kratom with water and drink it. The taste is horrible so feel free to chase it with your favorite fruit juice. Some people mix it with tea, protein shake and food. Feel free to do it in any way you see comfortable to you.

Another way is through capsules. Six capsules usually equal to 3 grams. There is no after taste so some people may prefer it this way than the powder.

What to watch out for.

Kratom itself can become addictive. Tolerance to it by your body can be developed. To combat against this, mix the kratom strains you take. For example you may use Red Vein Kratom for 1 week and the week after use Green Vein. Kratom has 4 Veins – Red, Green, White and Yellow. There are also Gold and Maeng Da kratom varieties which are from any of the above mentioned vein colors just dried and fermented differently.

Many if not all people avoid just sticking to one vein color. Switch around so that your body does not develop tolerance to it. If tolerance develops then your body will require more grams to achieve the same effect as you had begun with.

Pregnant, or wanting to be pregnant should avoid taking Kratom. Do not take Kratom with alcohol. If you consume alcohol on a regular basis and/or are dependent on it should avoid using kratom.

There are also side effects associated with Kratom including constipation, dry mouth, nausea, tongue numbness and vomiting. In higher doses, kratom might lead to difficulties breathing, seizure and liver damage.

It is always recommended to do your research before you start using Kratom.

100% Natural Pain Relief

Kratom has helped thousands of people cope with all sorts of pain the natural way. Indigenous people in Indonesia and in the general vicinity of South East Asia have used it for hundreds of years. It has helped them in pain relief, and energy boost among others. Many people find kratom safe for a natural pain relief. However, as with anything, when abused it can have the complete opposite effect.