Payment Methods

Forms of Payment

Credit & Debit Card

  • Note: When you place an order it may fail to go through. To resolve this issue please contact your bank or the card issuer to authorize your purchase. Resubmit your payment by going to the Order tab under My Account (top right head icon) and click the Pay button.
  • Our processor is located outside of the United States. Traditional card processors within the United States do not accept kratom transactions.


  • Zelle is a feature found within most mobile banking apps or on the website of your bank. You’ll receive a Pending Payment email with information you will need to make payment.


  • E-checks have up to 5 business day hold on our end.


Money Order or COD

We currently do not accept money orders, business or personal checks and COD.

Order Processing & Shipping

How is My Order Shipped?

We currently offer USPS and FedEx as shipping carriers.

  1. Priority Mail usually is delivered from 1 to 3 business days from the time of shipment. This time frame is stated by and is in no way guaranteed by USPS also delivers on Saturday’s.
  2. FedEx has a few services you can choose from. There are no FedEx shipments made on Saturday or Sunday. (EX: if you placed an order on Friday after 1 PM PST it will ship out on the following Monday.)
When will My Order be Shipped?

Confirmation of order just placed.

  • You will most certainly receive an email from us with PAID status for your order once paid through Cash App or Zelle. Please give our system a few minutes to be updated and for you to receive an email. Ensure to check your spam folder after a few minutes.
  • For e-checks you will only see order Processing. When cleared on our end your order will be marked as Paid and you will receive an email with Paid status as confirmation.

Payments made with Credit & Debit Card and Zelle

  • If you placed the order before 1 PM PST there is a 95% chance it will ship same day. If it is not shipped the same day then it will ship out the next business day including Saturday. No shipments are made on Sunday. (EX: if you placed an order on Friday after 1 PM PST it will ship out on Saturday or the the following Monday.)
  • There is no FedEx Shipping on Saturday and Sunday regardless of service selected. (EX: if you placed an order on Friday after 1 PM PST it will ship out the following Monday.)

Payments made through an e-check.

  • E-checks will take 5 to 7 business days for it to clear on our end even tough It may show cleared and money taken out of your account the same day you placed the order. Once cleared, your order will be updated to PAID and shipped either the same or next business day.

Will I get tracking information?

  • All paid orders once shipped will get an email with tracking information and order details with Estimated Time of Arrival. Please allow the carriers time to update.

When will I receive my order and how will it be shipped?

  • All orders unless noted otherwise ship via USPS Priority Mail. Priority delivery is within 1 to 3 business days as stated on and not guaranteed by (priority also delivers on a Saturday)
  • If your order is over $100 it will ship Priority Mail and qualifies for Free Shipping.
Updated Shipping Information for USPS and FedEx (COVID-19)

Due to COVID-19 few shipments through through the carriers we use will experience delays. All shipping times are estimates and are not guaranteed by

USPS Priority Packages are not guaranteed by or USPS to be delivered within the stated 1 to 3 business days. Some shipments will take longer than usual and some shipments will take much longer. is not responsible for these delayed shipments and will not issue shipping charge refunds. All shipping times are estimates. Please plan ahead.

FedEx has stopped issuing Money Back Guarantees since March of this year due to COVID-19. All FedEx shipping times are estimates and some shipments will take longer than usual than the stated times on will not be issuing refunds for shipping charges on any of FedEx offered services including Priority Over night or any other. Please plan ahead.

We understand the frustration of shipments that are delayed can create and so we recommend that you plan your purchases ahead. Even tough most packages are delivered within their stated times some packages will experience delays.

Route Shipping Protection

Route Shipping Protection is offered for packages that may be Lost Stolen or Damaged. This service is turned ON by default. If you do not want this protection you would have to turn it off. is not responsible for Lost, Stolen or Damaged packages, so we highly recommend you use this service to protect your purchase.

Helpful links below regarding Route Policies.

About Kratom

What is Kratom?

Kratom, or Mitragyna Speciosa, is a tree native to countries such as: Malaysia, Myanmar, Papua New Guinea, and Thailand. It is best known for the leaves which distribute over 40 different psychoactive compounds. Farmers harvest Kratom leaves from these trees where they then begin the process of cultivation, drying, and crushing.

Kratom leaf is ground into a fine powder (or crushed if desired) to be consumed several different ways. Kratom is not currently approved by the FDA and several states have already banned this plant.

Is Kratom Legal in My State/County/City

Kratom is legal in all but the States, Counties and Cities listed below: Any order from these areas that have banned Kratom will be cancelled.

All Credit, Debit card transactions from places listed below are blocked.

  • Alabama
  • Arkansas
  • Indiana
  • Rhode Island
  • Vermont
  • Wisconsin
  • Sarasota County (FL)
  • Union County (MS)
  • San Diego (CA)
  • Denver (CO)

Only Zelle or e-check accepted from places listed below.

  • Tennessee

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