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Can You Smoke or Snort Kratom?

  • August 24, 2022

Can You Smoke or Snort Kratom?

Mitragyna speciosa, more commonly referred to as kratom, comes in many different forms. From smokable kratom to kratom that you can eat, drink, or chew, there are various ways to consume kratom if you’re looking for kratom for sale. You might not be as familiar with smoking kratom, and this is for good reason. Although it’s technically possible, the downsides outweigh the negatives for many people. Smoking kratom means that it hits your system faster and stronger than edible forms, but it can irritate the throat and lungs. Let’s delve into the different aspects of smoking and snorting kratom.

More Information on the Kratom Tree

The kratom tree is commonly grown in Southern Asia and its products have a global presence. Kratom is known for its ability to improve different symptoms such as anxiety, insomnia, pain, and many more. It is known among users to be a powerful painkiller and mood enhancer. Different strains offer different potential side effects, some are believed to offer more sedative effects while others supposedly act as a stimulant.

The leaves from the kratom tree are the medicinal aspect of the tree, and they can be chewed whole, dried and ground into powder, brewed as a tea, taken in capsules, and smoked or vaped. Kratom leaves contain alkaloids that impact the body differently. In fact, the volume of alkaloids is so high in kratom that researchers haven’t been able to conduct extensive research on their potential side effects.

Can I Snort Kratom?

smoking kratom

Whether you’re new to the world of kratom or you’re interested in adding a different experience to your routine, know that snorting kratom is possible. The process of snorting a drug means the chemical is forced into your bloodstream significantly faster than taking it orally. As kratom moves through the intestines and stomach, it is either absorbed through the stomach walls or intestinal lining. The peak possible effects of the drug will likely hit your system after an hour or two as it enters your bloodstream through mucous membranes. Kratom then travels faster to your brain and binds to receptors, resulting in a fast but intense high. Although it hits your body faster, it also goes away faster than taking kratom orally.

Even though it’s possible to snort kratom, especially kratom powder, this process isn’t highly documented. Part of this is due to the fact that kratom doesn’t have strong effects on those who have abused other central nervous system (CNS) depressants, namely opioids. If the person has a built-up tolerance and dependence on opioid-like chemicals, kratom will likely only make them feel “normal” rather than having a potentially intoxicating effect. Those who are native to opioid effects might experience a high, but it won’t be drastically different from taking kratom orally.

Why Would Someone Want to Snort Kratom?

Kratom smoking is more popular than snorting kratom, and most people who snort kratom assume that it means the high will hit them faster. While taking kratom orally requires that it goes through the intestines first, snorting it means it immediately enters the bloodstream and results in a quicker high.

The possibility of snorting kratom exists, but consuming it this way is fairly uncommon. In many cases, those who have previous experience with opioid abuse or using other central nervous system depressants might opt to snort kratom even though it might not result in the same type of high that they desire. The excess amounts of plant fiber and cellulose found in kratom don’t produce a high, meaning the volume snorted would need to be higher to produce the potential effects.

What Is the Point of Smoking Kratom?

smokable kratom

Smoking kratom leaves is another way to experience its potential effects, however, you’ll need to smoke a significant amount of leaves to achieve the possible desired effects. This process can be harsh on the throat and lungs and doesn’t offer many advantages besides a faster onset of the high.

Compared to other herbal supplements, kratom smoke is relatively strong. In fact, it’s one of the few legal herbs that is reportedly capable of producing an all-encompassing high that’s equipped with a strong rush and a possible sustained euphoric effect. Keep in mind that the volume of kratom you’ll need to smoke is also higher than other herbal supplements.

Here are some tips to keep in mind if you’re interested in smoking kratom:

  • Even inexperienced kratom users or those who are sensitive to kratom will need to smoke at least one gram in order to experience any noticeable side effects.
  • At low kratom doses, there may be very minimal side effects such as mild stimulation and improved mood (experts state the average dose is 3-5 grams).
  • Experts say you will need to smoke a significant portion of the 5-gram kratom dosage to experience noteworthy side effects, a task that is significantly harder for people who are not used to smoking.

For those who use regular, dried kratom, it’s possible to smoke it, although it can be very inconvenient and harsh on the body.

The Dangers of Smoking and Snorting Kratom

At this point, you may be wondering if it is safe to smoke kratom. The wide range of alkaloids in kratom means that the active compounds of the plant are made from organic compounds composed of nitrogen molecules that have a basic pH level. Mitragynine is the main alkaloid in kratom, accounting for roughly 66% of the alkaloid content. This alkaloid works in combination with over 25 other alkaloids in kratom that vary in ratios based on geographical regions and harvesting timelines. Different kratom strains have different levels of alkaloids, giving them unique possible benefits and properties.

When kratom is heated, the potency of the alkaloids in the strain means that different active compounds are delivered faster to the bloodstream. This results due to the dense network of blood vessels that are located around the alveoli in your lungs. This combination makes it reportedly challenging to determine the correct dosage, meaning anticipating how kratom impacts your body will always change.

Some suggest that the potential benefits of kratom are dependent on the dose; it’s reported that lower doses are helpful to induce a sense of calm, and the average serving for this is 2.4 grams. Experts have determined that, ideally, you won’t exceed more than two servings in 24 hours. If you opt to smoke kratom, veteran users suggest that you might find that crushed leaf is necessary to achieve the right dosage.

The process of smoking kratom requires heat that destroys many of the active alkaloids. This means that users might need more dried kratom than if they consumed kratom as tea or encapsulated powder. Smoking delivers unnecessary compounds to your lungs which can impact your respiratory health.

How to Smoke Kratom

snort kratom

If you choose to move forward with kratom smoking, know that it isn’t completely ineffective. There are many kratom users that still continue to smoke kratom even despite the negatives. Some people like the novelty factor or the ritual of smoking rather than drinking it in tea or taking a capsule.

Due to the lack of evidence, smoking kratom powder is based on other peoples’ experiences. While some people thoroughly enjoy the process of smoking kratom, others hardly feel any potential side effects. One factor to consider is the way in which you’re smoking the kratom. The strain that you choose to smoke will also impact how it impacts your body. As you can imagine, stronger kratom strains have a higher active concentration of alkaloids that are responsible for producing the potential euphoric effects for which kratom is known. The other parts of kratom are simply fibrous matter that doesn’t produce any side effects.

Smoking kratom extract is ideal as it will produce more powerful results. However, it’s important to be careful as increased potency may also create more of a health risk. If you’re planning to vaporize or smoke kratom extract, you’ll want to make sure that you alert someone of where you are and what you are doing. The last thing you want is to have an adverse reaction alone and be stuck experiencing negative side effects alone.

Rolling Dried Kratom Leaves

One way to smoke kratom is by rolling dried kratom leaves. In Southern Asia, this is nearly the only way that people choose to smoke their kratom. Although even in these regions, smoking kratom is rare. Those who opt to do it usually roll up some dried leaves and puff them.

Smoking dried kratom leaves is easier than attempting to smoke a bowl or paper that’s full of kratom powder. In North America and Europe, it can be challenging to find kratom leaves. In this case, some people import crushed kratom leaves. These are not ground as finely as kratom powder and can easily be rolled into joints. You could consider mixing in tobacco or cannabis to make it a more enjoyable experience.

Using a Pipe or Bong

Smokable kratom can also be consumed with a pipe or bong. If you’re looking to inhale a big hit, this is the best way to do so. If you’re going to attempt to smoke regular kratom powder, you’ll likely want to opt to use a pipe or bong to smoke a large enough dose so you feel potential side effects. Be careful, though! This process likely won’t feel very pleasant in your throat and the possible effects may come on quickly and intensely immediately after you use the bong. Regarding safety and harm reduction, smoking kratom in a bong isn’t the most ideal way to consume kratom.

Adding Kratom to a Joint

Smoking kratom powder or extract can also be achieved by adding it to a joint. If you already smoke, you may likely improve your entire experience by sprinkling a bit of kratom powder on top of your joint. This is potentially possible with cigarettes or rolling tobacco as well. In the case that you’re using an extremely potent kratom strain or extract, adding kratom to a joint could be the ideal route that you take as it still allows you to experience the potential positive side effects. If you want, you can also add crushed kratom leaf into a joint. Mixing kratom with cannabis may produce an ideal high for many people and may even improve how cannabis burns.

Can I Vape Kratom?

can you snort kratom

Kratom smoking is one thing, but you might also be interested in kratom vaping. There are many natural compounds that need to be processed a certain way before they’re smoked. Regarding opium, these compounds need to be smoked or vaporized to avoid causing damage to the alkaloids with a direct flame.

In reality, many alkaloids found in kratom aren’t ideal for vaporizing. Mitragynine is the most dominant alkaloid and it has a melting point between 92-95 degrees celsius. Its boiling point, or the point at which kratom becomes a vapor and is inhalable, is between 446-464 degrees Fahrenheit, or 230-240 degrees celsius. This temperature is close to the point of combustion for kratom leaves. Don’t forget about the flavor and astringency. Kratom can be very bitter and isn’t pleasant on the tongue.

Other Ways to Consume Kratom

Smoking kratom is only one way to consume kratom. We’ve outlined some other ways to consume kratom if you’re interested in other options.

The Tosh-and-Wash Technique

If you’re looking to minimize the herbal aftertaste of kratom, the tosh-and-wash technique is ideal according to many users. Tossing kratom with water is another way to avoid the dehydrating nature of kratom as it is a close botanical relative of the coffee plant. The first way to execute this, according to regular customers, is to measure a low dose of kratom on a spoon and place it in your mouth, then follow it with a glass of juice or water to wash it down. Some suggest stirring your kratom dose into a liquid and drinking it to limit nausea.

Drinking Kratom Tea

Another alternative to kratom smoking is drinking it as an herbal tea. There are many ways to make kratom tea depending on whether you prefer crushed and dried leaves or kratom powder. Start by boiling your water on the stovetop or simply heat a cup of hot water in the microwave. You can pour the kratom powder straight into the water or use a device to steep the kratom. Stir the kratom until it’s fully incorporated and serve it with a slice of grapefruit or lemon. Mixing citrus with kratom may boost its potential benefits for a longer period of time.

Consuming Kratom Powder in Beverages

snorting kratom

Kratom powder can be added to your favorite beverages. This is an ideal way to mask the bitter taste of kratom, but instead of drinking the solution quickly, this is meant to be consumed slowly. Some popular combinations include kratom in coffee, chocolate milk, and smoothies. All you need to do is add your favorite kratom powder to your preferred smoothie recipe and blend it together. You can also consider adding an acidic component such as citrus juice to activate the alkaloid compounds.

Consuming Kratom Capsules

Another way to consume kratom is through capsules. This is an ideal option if you want to be discreet when you’re consuming your kratom or you have a particularly busy day. The best kratom capsules already have a precisely measured dose of kratom powder measured into each. You can take capsules on the go if needed. These capsules are also ideal for avoiding any unpleasant aftertaste that’s associated with kratom powder. One thing to note is that the potential benefits might be slightly delayed due to digestion.

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Final Thoughts

Can kratom be smoked or snorted? While it is possible, it isn’t the most ideal way to consume kratom. If you’re looking to add high-quality kratom extracts to your selection, there’s no better place than Payless Kratom. Browse our online shop to see what products catch your eye!

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