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Sumatra is one of the most popular kratom varieties on the market due to its enjoyable and uplifting side effects. Shop for sumatra directly through Payless Kratom!

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What Types of Sumatra Kratom Exist?

There are different types of sumatra kratom that all stem from different leaf colors. The effects of each type are outlined below.


Gold vein kratom is particularly popular among kratom users for its soothing effects making it ideal to take during hectic situations. Other kratom users turn to gold vein sumatra for anxiety and stress relief, energy boosting qualities, pain relief, and to improve their appetite.


Green sumatra originates in the jungles of Sumatra and is very popular with today’s kratom users. As the name suggests, green sumatra kratom is dark green in color. When taken in low doses, green sumatra is said to help improve focus and reduce pain. When consumed at higher doses, it is said to have more of a sedative effect.


Red sumatra kratom originates in the biodeverse island of Sumatra. Many kratom users enjoy red sumatra for its potential anxiety and relaxation-enhancing properties. When taken in higher doses, red sumatra kratom may lead to sedation. In addition, red sumatra kratom may aid in physical pain relief.


White sumatra kratom is reportedly ideal for those who want to kick start their day with a burst of energy and positive thoughts. It’s also associated with mental clarity, focus, and reduced depression.

Sumatra Kratom Benefits

Sumatra has many potential positive side effects that kratom users know and love. Generally speaking, it may offer an abundance of mood-boosting effects. When taken at the right dosage, sumatra kratom may also be used to treat mild pain, anxiety, depression, high blood pressure, coughs, and more.

Because sumatra comes in so many different forms, it’s easy to try different products to see what works the best with your body. The dosage that you consume will also impact the side effects that you feel, so make sure that you have an understanding of how your body will react to different volumes of kratom.


The volume of mitragynine in sumatra depends on the product itself. As there are many different forms of sumatra kratom including powders, capsules, liquid shots, extracts, and more, you’ll want to make sure that you closely read the label to determine how much mitragynine is in each serving size.

The volume of kratom that you should consume depends heavily on your gender, age, the product, and how quickly your body will metabolize what you ingest. Kratom users always recommend starting out with a small dosage to avoid any negative side effects. Once you have a better understanding of how your body reacts, you can opt for a higher dosage.

Sumatra kratom is legal at the federal level, however, some states and municipalities have chosen to ban kratom. Always make sure to do your own research about the possible harmful side effects of kratom.