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Optimized Plant Mediated Solutions, or O.P.M.S. for short, are 100 percent natural and never adulterated. These products use all-natural processes designed to preserve the delicate nature of the plant’s beneficial alkaloids throughout the extraction process.

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O.P.M.S. Kratom in Bulk at Wholesale Prices at Payless Kratom

At PaylessKratom, we specialize in providing premium O.P.M.S. kratom at wholesale prices. Whether you’re a retailer, distributor, or store owner, we have the O.P.M.S. kratom products you need to keep your customers happy. As a reputable vendor and a supplier of wholesale O.P.M.S. kratom, we only sell safe, all-natural, and high-quality products. When you buy O.P.M.S. kratom wholesale from PaylessKratom, you can be confident that you’re getting the best products available at the most competitive prices.

Buy Optimized Plant Mediated Solutions Kratom Products Online

If you’re looking to purchase the best-selling kratom extract products that the market has to offer? You’re in the right place! OPMS made its way into the kratom extract industry in 2010 and it has built a reputation as one of the most reliable kratom brands in the U.S. When you purchase OPMS kratom, whether it be a capsule, powder, or tincture, you are purchasing pure, original kratom that is highly potent.

The company O.P.M.S. has stood the test of time, building a loyal following along the way. The company is known for using an all-natural extraction process that uses cold water and high pressure. This helps to preserve and isolate the high alkaloid content found in kratom. The result is powerful 7-hydroxy mitragynine content that users know and love.

O.P.M.S Product Lines

The company produces many different product lines to appeal to a variety of kratom users. Regardless of whether the product is a tincture, capsule, or powder, the extraction method remains the same. Rather than completing a full-spectrum extract to make the product, O.P.M.S. targets only the main alkaloid. This is why the company’s products are so strong compared to other competitors on the market.

We’ve outlined some of the OPMS product lines below.


All OPMS Gold capsules and liquid are made from Green Vein Maeng Da kratom. Each Gold capsule will have a 3-leaf logo in purple on the outside and they are sold in 2ct, 3ct, and 5ct.

OPMS Black

OPMS Black comes in both capsules and a new liquid formula. All OPMS Black capsules have a 3-leaf logo in gray on the outside of the pill. They also come in 2ct, 3ct, and 5ct.

OPMS Silver

There are currently seven different strains of OPMS Silver including Green Vein Thai, Green Vein Maeng Da, Green Vein Malay, Red Vein Sumatra, Super Green Borneo, White Vein Indo, and Red Vein Maeng Da.


The best type of OPMS kratom is the type that resonates with the ideal effects you want to achieve. As there are so many different products and variables involved, it’s always advisable that you do your research to see how different products may affect you. Many users recommend you start with a small dosage and add more if needed.

The cost of OPMS kratom depends on the product that you’re purchasing. For example, gold capsules range from $17.99-$43.49 depending on the volume of capsules in the package. Liquid kratom shots are around $17.99 while one ounce of P.M.S. Maeng Da powder costs about $7.49. Generally speaking, you can expect to pay $7-$44 depending on the product.

OPMS is based in Atlanta, Georgia and they are certified by the American Kratom Association. It was trademarked by Martian Sales, Inc. on May 23, 2019.