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White Thai Kratom Benefits, Effects, and Dosage

  • April 15, 2022

White Thai Kratom Benefits, Effects, and Dosage

Potentially one of the most effective and stimulating strains of kratom, white vein Thai kratom is reportedly preferred by users who like the feeling of a sharp, significant energy boost. Even in its smallest quantities, it’s said that white vein Thai kratom effects are quite significant, making for an effective strain of this substance. 

So, what is white Thai kratom used for? From reports of boosting happiness to feeling more stable or energized, we are sharing all the known effects of this strain of kratom, as well as considerations and different dosages to keep in mind. Let’s get right into it. 

What Is White Thai Kratom?

What is white Thai kratom? This strain is native to Thailand and is one of the strongest strains of kratom with the reported longest-lasting effects. However, due to its origin in Thailand where kratom was illegal to grow, sell, or possess, this plant was exported to other countries to reap its benefits. And Thailand recently legalized the use of this substance for medicinal purposes, but you can still find this strain sourced in other locations like Malaysia and Indonesia.

But what is white Thai kratom good for? This strain of kratom is said to help people perk up, improving their energy and focus on their long days. In history, people used to chew the leaves of kratom to reap the benefits, but it has since been transformed into convenient powders and capsules for Western use. Particularly in powder forms, this allows for faster, more powerful effects. 

It’s reported that white Thai kratom helps people remain alert, focused, and awake. This is due to its high concentration of stimulating alkaloid mitragynine. This naturally-occurring chemical binds to the body’s opioid receptors, influencing systems in our brain, body, and nervous system. With this, many reports feel the effects of the white vein Thai kratom on their energy and mood. 

White Thai Kratom Effects

Due to the alkaloid content, white Thai kratom effects may include anything from energy and mood changes, to focus and anxiety. Keep reading for more information on the reported benefits of this substance. 

Boosts Energy

One of the most commonly reported white Thai kratom benefits is its impact on energy. This substance is said to not only boost energy levels but maintain them throughout the day for long-lasting energy, without a fast crash. This is great for users who are looking for help with their mental and physical endurance. 

Keep in mind, unlike other strains of kratom, white kratom provides little-reported benefits when it comes to relaxation. 

Improves Focus & Concentration

White Thai Kratom Effect

Another big reported advantage of white vein Thai kratom is the improvement in focus and concentration. However, kratom is usually not praised for its help in studying, but if it is what you opt for, this strain is best. 

White Thai Kratom offers a more “heady” effect, allowing users to make better use of their mental capacities while using this strain. This is due to the fact that, unlike other strains, it is not reported to have as physically sedating of an effect. 

Supports Mood

Despite its potentially energizing effects, people have reported that White Thai Kratom helps boost a sense of well-being for a better mood. Many users regard this for its ability to pick them up when they are feeling down, elevating moods in a cinch. 

This may result in a euphoric effect, which may be potentially addictive. While it is a plant, this substance is powerful and something to be careful with. 

Alleviates Anxiety

Some people have reported that this strain of kratom was beneficial for alleviating and managing issues like anxiety. This is due in part to the euphoria and mood-lifting effects it is said to have. However, many users have found this strain too stimulating to provide the necessary anxiety relief. 

White Thai Kratom Dosage

White Thai Kratom

White Vein Thai kratom effects have been reported to be especially strong, making careful dosing particularly important. This strain is particularly stimulating, so finding the right white Thai kratom dosage for your unique body and needs is essential. 

Veteran users suggest that those who have never tried kratom before should not exceed a dose of 1 gram on their first try. Otherwise, for those with more experience with other strains, a moderate dose of 2 to 3 grams may suffice, while avoiding unwanted side effects. 

As we’ve mentioned, this strain has different possible effects, and different doses yield different results. To understand, here are a few more accepted guidelines for the white vein Thai kratom dosage results:

  • For stimulation: 2-5 grams.
  • For relaxation: 5-8 grams.

Keep in mind that these higher doses of kratom do have higher risks. It is not recommended to take a dose above 6 grams, as this is highly likely to have a negative impact. Kratom is a finicky substance, and one that is always best to start small with to minimize the chance of bad results. 

Side Effects of White Thai Kratom

White Thai Kratom is one of the more potent strains of this substance and doesn’t come without side effects. 

While kratom is generally regarded as a less dangerous substance, it may still be addictive. Additionally, some have reported issues with digestion and hyperstimulation. Here’s what to keep in mind before testing out this substance for yourself. 

Digestive Discomfort

It is reported that kratom may cause digestive issues, such as constipation. Opioid alkaloids and mitragynine act in the body like other opioids. As a result, this substance slows down mobility in the digestive tract. This is what causes possible effects like constipation, particularly in cases where users took higher doses. 


As we noted, one of the possible white Thai kratom effects is stimulation, and this may be troublesome for those who are highly sensitive to energetic stimulants. This is key for those who have anxiety, who may quickly become overstimulated by this strain of kratom. That being said, some users have reported that white vein Thai kratom helped with their anxiety, so it depends on your body and how much you take. 

Tolerance & Dependency

As with any substance, kratom is something that users have reported developing tolerance and dependency on. Since kratom does contain alkaloids, which affect opioid receptors, it is important to be cautious and monitor your kratom use. If you notice that you’re having to up your white Thai kratom dosage to reap the same benefits, you have likely developed a tolerance. 

Similar White Thai Kratom Strains


Since white vein Thai kratom effects are some of the most powerful and stimulating of the kratom strains, many people report feeling quite energized and focused. However, we recognize this isn’t everyone’s preference. For those interested in testing out kratom, but aren’t sure about this strain, here are some other suggestions. 

Green Thai Kratom

Green Thai kratom is reported to offer more relaxing benefits than that its white Thai counterpart. This strain is still said to help with energy and focus but may have more sedative effects than White Vein Thai kratom. 

White Borneo Kratom

Another go-to strain similar to White Thai is White Borneo kratom. This strain may be less stimulating than White Thai, offering more relaxing after-effects that come on quicker than the ever-stimulating White Thai option. This strain is reported to still be beneficial for energy and mood, just not as overly energizing. 

White Maeng Da Kratom

White Maeng Da kratom is a potentially powerful strain for those who are interested in the possible energizing benefits of White Vein Thai kratom. The White Maeng Da strain is considered similarly stimulating and is reported to offer mood-boosting effects, too. This is a strain that is less for anxiety relief, and more for energy. 


Payless Kratom wants to help those exploring kratom because finding the right strain can feel like a stressful task. However, for those that are looking for a strain that reportedly helps majorly boost energy, white vein Thai kratom is likely the most powerful choice. While white Thai kratom for pain or anxiety isn’t the best, it may be greatly beneficial to your energy and focus, so for those looking ahead on busy days, this is a go-to. 

To explore the options of white vein Thai kratom, explore more here. If you have any questions, contact us!

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