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Can You Use Kratom for Alcohol Withdrawal

  • August 17, 2022

Can You Use Kratom for Alcohol Withdrawal

Kratom is reported to help with a number of ailments and concerns, and many have even found the benefits of using kratom for alcohol withdrawal.

While there is no magic solution to deal with alcohol withdrawal, kratom strains for alcoholism may be used safely to help those suffering alleviate their symptoms. Not sure how it can help? We are breaking down the various symptoms kratom for alcohol withdrawal may address, including anxiety, depression, and cravings.

It won’t be an all-in-one solution, but to begin exploring the best kratom for alcohol withdrawal, continue reading below.

What Is Alcohol Withdrawal?

Alcohol withdrawal refers to the process and symptoms a body experiences when a person decides to stop drinking after a prolonged or heavy alcohol use period. This can last days or weeks, and can actually be quite dangerous in some situations.

Symptoms of alcohol withdrawal can include an array of experiences, including:

  • Anxiety
  • Hallucinations
  • Headache
  • Insomnia
  • Nausea
  • Seizures
  • Sweating
  • Trembling
  • Vomiting

What Causes Alcohol Withdrawal?

kratom for alcoholism

Alcohol, as a substance, offers sedating or depressant effects on the brain, and when you’re a long-term drinker, you are consistently exposing your brain to these effects.

In order to address the effects of alcohol, the body actually adjusts its own chemistry to produce stimulating chemicals, like serotonin, in larger quantities than your body normally would. This process ends up blocking the activity of neurotransmitters, including things like GABA and noradrenaline.

Why is this important? When the body blocks neurotransmitters like GABA, it ultimately serves as a brake pedal when the nervous system starts becoming too active. This is because GABA is one of the body’s most essential neuro inhibitory compounds.

Thus, when an alcoholic stops drinking, the blocking of GABA begins to push the body out of balance. This means that the body can no longer regulate its own speed, leading to side effects like heart palpitations, anxiety, insomnia, shakes, sweating, and more.

Recognizing Alcohol Addiction and Withdrawal

Dealing with alcohol abuse and addiction can be a scary situation for the addict and their loved ones. It is not a situation to take lightly since alcohol and kratom addiction and withdrawal are often associated with some very serious symptoms.

Alcohol withdrawal occurs when the drinker’s body has adjusted to block neurotransmitters in order to accommodate the effect of alcohol. When deprived of this exterior source, the body becomes off balance, and the individual may experience symptoms, including:

  • Sweating
  • Anxiety
  • Tremors
  • Mood swing
  • Delusion
  • Hallucination
  • Insomnia
  • Heart palpitations
  • Shakes

Although these symptoms may not be life-threatening on their own, they may prevent the person going through withdrawal from functioning socially and professionally. Besides, they may not be ready to reach out for help and treatment, especially if their drinking abuse is the result of underlying conditions, such as trauma or depression. It is essential that their loved ones remain supportive. Here are some ways an alcohol addict may seek assistance.

Undergoing the Detox Process

Unfortunately, as uncomfortable and challenging as it may be, the body needs to go through withdrawal to move forward. In some cases, addiction workers and doctors recommend that the addict go through the process under medical supervision and may provide medication to alleviate some of the effects of withdrawal. The withdrawal process typically takes several weeks.

Going to Therapy

In most cases, alcoholism is symptomatic of deeply anchored issues such as trauma and depression and may only be overcome by undergoing therapy and counseling. It will give the addict the tools to understand the source of their addiction and the tools to move forward.

Reaching Out to Group Supports

kratom and alcohol

No matter what you may be going through, remember that you are not alone. Attending group support and meetings is an essential step for addicts to share their battles with individuals who are currently going through the same process and may understand their struggles and find healthy coping mechanisms.

Is Alcohol Withdrawal Serious?

Depending on the amount of time a person has been drinking, the withdrawal symptoms can range from mild to incredibly serious. In fact, 1 in every 20 people will experience extremely dangerous, and sometimes fatal, withdrawal symptoms.

One of the most significant symptoms is delirium tremens, which is when the brain is no longer able to transition and adjust its chemistry after alcohol use ceases. This can cause a temporary state of confusion and can lead to dangerous adjustments to the way the brain regulates your breathing and circulation.

This all can lead to changes in blood pressure and heart rate, which can dramatically and unpredictably switch. This leads to a very high risk for stroke, heart attack, and even death.

Is Kratom Good for Alcohol Withdrawal?

Now that we know the seriousness of alcohol withdrawal, is kratom good for alcohol withdrawal? Some adamantly say yes.

Reportedly, using kratom to stop drinking may help alleviate a range of both physical and emotional symptoms associated with excessive drinking and the process of stopping. In fact, some share that kratom alcohol addiction solutions may help boost mood increase energy levels, and alleviate anxiety, while also relieving depressive feelings and behaviors due to the analgesic properties.

Does kratom help with alcohol withdrawal? Kratom is said to help those who have issues with alcohol and want to quit. And while it won’t entirely stop withdrawal symptoms, it may help alleviate them, or at least take the edge off, to help users stick to their goals of quitting alcohol.

Thankfully, after just a couple of weeks, your body should adjust to no longer having alcohol and symptoms should subside. However, to get to this point, using kratom may help you reach your goals, without turning back to alcohol.

How Does Kratom Work?

is kratom good for alcohol withdrawal

Using kratom for alcohol addiction is reported to work in a number of ways.

First, kratom is a partial agonist of the mu-opioid receptors in the body. These receptors help with multiple key functions in the body, including pain modulation, addictive behaviors, and reward. So, by stimulating these receptors with kratom, it may help lessen the physical pain and provide a positive state of mind to satisfy the reward and addictive behaviors.

Additionally, since kratom is a stimulant, it may provide energy and boost cognition. Plus, it includes alkaloids like mitragynine and 7-hydroxy mitragynine, which are opiate receptors in the brain and help activate the pleasure center to boost a state of calm. This is essential to take on the anxiety, depressive, physical, and mental negative side effects of alcohol withdrawal.

How Kratom Alleviates Alcohol Cravings

So, kratom may help stimulate opioid receptors in the brain. But what does this have to do with using kratom for alcohol withdrawal? Let’s break it down.

Due to kratom’s supposed impacts on opioid receptors, it helps stimulate endorphins, that were previously stimulated by alcohol, to be released. This process is said to help tackle alcohol cravings as it lessens the pain of the withdrawal. Additionally, since other neurotransmitters, like GABA, are involved in the withdrawal process, kratom may assist those with mild or moderate alcohol dependence. That being said, it may not be a suitable route for those with severe alcohol dependence.

Since kratom is said to be less addictive than alcohol, it may help make alcohol withdrawal a bit easier, without the downside of creating a new addiction.

Keep in mind, that if you have a severe alcohol addiction, you will need anticonvulsant medications to prevent seizures caused by low levels of GABA and high levels of glutamate. This must be taken seriously to prevent life-threatening symptoms.

Can You Use Kratom for Alcohol Withdrawal

best kratom for alcohol withdrawal

Using kratom for alcohol withdrawal may help alleviate symptoms you experience in the process of withdrawal to make it a more bearable process.

Typically, when choosing which kratom is best for alcohol withdrawal, users tend to turn to red or green strains from trusted kratom sellers. Oftentimes, the best strains are Red Borneo and Maeng Da, as they may help ease cravings for alcohol.

Kratom may help with alcohol withdrawal by helping create a sense of calm in the mind and body, alleviating those mental and physical symptoms for a more positive, focused process. No, it won’t do the magic trick and cure you of alcohol addiction, but it may assist with addressing symptoms of anxiety, low energy, depression, and more.

Can You Use Kratom for Alcohol Anxiety

One symptom many experiences when suffering from alcohol withdrawal is anxiety, which can feel overwhelming and debilitating.

This anxiety occurs during the alcohol withdrawal process because, as alcohol leaves the body, the neurotransmitters aren’t equipped to cope, which leads to anxiety as the body is out of balance.

Thankfully, kratom for alcoholism may ease this anxiety due to how it is processed in the body. However, this is where the question of how much kratom to take for alcohol withdrawal comes into play. This is because, since kratom acts as a stimulant at lower doses, it may actually further boost anxiety if taken at certain doses.

Instead, it’s recommended to take a higher dose of kratom to avoid those stimulant properties. At a higher dose, kratom is said to increase sedation and analgesia, which is especially likely when opting for red kratom strains. In fact, red strains, like Red Thai or Red Borneo, may alleviate anxiety within just 15-30 minutes, majorly assisting with your alcohol withdrawal.

Can You Use Kratom for Alcohol-Related Depression

Alcohol withdrawal may not only cause anxiety but depression, too. And while kratom may assist with anxiety, it is also said to help alleviate symptoms of depression for a smoother transition away from alcohol.

Similar to how it’s used for anxiety, kratom is said to help calm the mind and body with mid-range doses. That being said, depression is a more serious topic, with people suffering from low energy both mentally and physically. This, unlike anxiety, signals for a lower dose of kratom to get that stimulating effect.

While you don’t want to overuse kratom to address symptoms of depression, it may help the body deal with the symptoms associated with alcoholism. For this, opt for lower doses that boost cognitive and physical energy. Both red and green strains may uplift mood, with green being preferred of the two by many users looking for those stimulating effects.

Is Kratom Safe for Alcohol Withdrawal?

It’s a must-ask question when tackling alcoholism – is kratom safe for alcohol withdrawal? The answer to this question depends largely on the severity of your symptoms.

In the case you are experiencing any severe vomiting, delirium tremens, or seizures, you must seek medical assistance to address these side effects. These symptoms can be detrimental to your health, and may even be fatal, and taking the proper medical steps is a must.

Furthermore, kratom is not a reliable treatment for severe alcohol withdrawal cases. In these instances, medical assistance is essential. This way, you can be monitored to ensure your systems come back to normal with the help of professionals.

If you are hoping to use kratom for alcohol withdrawal, we recommend speaking with a doctor prior to use. This way, you can ensure you get the most out of this substance.

Which Kratom Is Best for Alcohol Withdrawal?

which kratom is best for alcohol withdrawal

Figuring out which strain of kratom is best for alcohol withdrawal will majorly help with your success in alleviating your symptoms.

Above all else, we recommend avoiding white kratom. This strain of kratom is not reported to have any soothing or pain-relieving properties – two essential elements you’re looking for when using kratom for alcohol withdrawal. Instead, it may lead to energy and out-of-control enthusiasm that can also fuel your alcohol-related anxiety.

Instead, the best kratom for alcohol withdrawal is usually reported to be red and green kratom strains.

  • Most red strains are a reliable choice, as are moderate doses that offer analgesia and sedation benefits.
  • Green strains offer a lot of alkaloids, which may boost analgesia and sedation in higher doses.
  • Red may give you slightly more energy.

If you’re not sure where to begin, experimenting with red one day and green another may help find what is best suited for your body as you work through this difficult time.

Green Maeng Da

One of the top kratom powder treatments for alcohol withdrawal is the Green Maeng Da strain.

This strain of kratom is best for alcohol withdrawal because:

  • It’s said to relax the body and create a soothing sense of calm.
  • It acts as a cerebral stimulant, which reportedly boosts brain function.
  • It is said to help alleviate body aches and pains.
  • It may increase focus.
  • It is reported to offer a boost to cognition for clearer, faster thinking.
  • It may help induce sleep to solve symptoms of restlessness and insomnia.

When looking for kratom for alcohol withdrawal, it’s always best to shop with a certified retailer. With plenty of green strains, Payless Kratom offers the finest Green Maeng Da on the market.

Red Sumatra Kratom

Another wonderful kratom to stop drinking is the Red Sumatra kratom strain. This one is turned to in order to address a number of symptoms, including:

  • Relaxing and calming the mind.
  • Alleviating pain.
  • Reducing stress and anxiety.
  • Helping to regulate poor sleeping patterns.
  • Promoting a positive state of mind.

There are an array of benefits of this kratom strain when looking to use kratom for alcoholism, however, always keep in mind that more serious symptoms must be addressed with medical attention.

4 Steps to Quit Drinking with Kratom

is kratom safe for alcohol withdrawal

When using kratom for alcohol withdrawal, it’s best to remain cautiously optimistic.

There’s no miracle solution to addressing the complications prolonged alcohol use can have on the body. It takes time and dedication to get the body back on track and regulated, however, kratom is said to help alleviate the symptoms along the way.

In using kratom, you can essentially taper off from alcohol, without still using that addictive substance. It is said to assist by helping activate those GABA receptors, while slowly lessening your alcohol consumption.

Ready to start the process for yourself? Here’s how it’s done.

Step 1: Purchase Kratom and a Multi-Nutrient Formula

The first step in using kratom for alcoholism is purchasing your ideal strain, whether it be red or green. Additionally, you must take a Multi-Nutrient Formula at the same time as using kratom to help your brain and body rebalance as you quit alcohol.

This may take some trial and error to find the best kratom for your symptoms, so don’t be discouraged if your first strain doesn’t seem to help.

Step 2: Create an Alcohol Tapering Schedule

Now it’s time to make a plan. It can be dangerous to stop drinking cold turkey, so it’s instead recommended to take your drinking down bit by bit until you hit zero.

This process may take a week or two and does require some support to keep you on track. This is where both kratom and a Multi-Nutrient Formula are reported to make the process easier, with the best kratom for alcohol withdrawal helping to alleviate your symptoms as you lessen your intake.

Step 3: Start Taking Kratom and Your Supplements

Once your supplements arrive, you can begin tapering your alcohol usage.

Once you determine which strain of kratom is best for alcohol withdrawal within your own body, you can begin integrating this substance into your daily routine to help alleviate your symptoms as you taper your alcohol use. This may help address any issues you have, like alcohol cravings or anxiety.

We recommend having multiple strains of kratom on and to address your symptoms as they adjust throughout the process, ensuring you’re as comfortable as possible while lessening your alcohol intake.

Step 4: Finish Your Supplements, Eliminate Kratom, and Live Sober!

Once you’ve reduced your alcohol intake to zero, it’s time to wrap up the process! We know that was no easy feat, but once you’re done, you can stop taking kratom and any supplements as well to transition to your sober life. This may take some getting used to but will be well worth the benefits.

How to Take Kratom for Alcohol Withdrawal and Proper Dosages

There is a multitude of ways to take kratom for alcohol addiction, as well as a variety of strains that are said to help.

When looking into your kratom options, you can choose to take it by:

  • Put the loose powder in your mouth and drink it with a liquid.
  • Wrapping the loose powder in something and swallowing.
  • Mix the powder in another liquid to disguise the taste.
  • Boiling the powder to make kratom tea.
  • Using kratom capsules.

Kratom is a particularly strong-flavored, and not appetizing substance. This makes for a harsh intake process, so find a way that works for you to take kratom. Those that try to take it plain with water may experience nausea, so boiling as a tea may assist, or finding capsules will make it way easier.

Typically, we recommend mixing kratom with a fruit juice or milkshake. You may still taste it a bit, but it will do a lot to disguise the terrible flavor.

When taking kratom, it’s important to use the proper dosage. Typically, it is recommended that you take 10 grams or less of kratom four times per week when utilizing a green strain. For red kratom, which is the most potent, reduce your dosage to just five to eight grams to avoid overdoing it.

These are general guidelines on how to use kratom. However, it’s always best to find how kratom works with your body, and adjust to that. However, be careful with taking too much, as with any substance, it can become addictive or your body may adjust to the dosage.

Is Kratom Addictive?

As we mentioned before, it’s important to be careful when taking any substance, especially when recovering from another form of addiction.

While kratom is not an extremely addictive substance, regular usage can result in dependency. For this reason, it’s essential that you watch how much kratom you are using. If you notice a dependence or a tolerance, you may want to taper your usage. Additionally, once you have recovered from your alcohol addiction, you can remove kratom from your routine to avoid creating another habit.

How to Avoid Getting Addicted to Kratom

We want to avoid any new addictions when using kratom for alcohol withdrawal. To avoid additionally becoming addicted to kratom, monitor how much kratom you are using on a daily basis. You should only be using enough to alleviate your withdrawal symptoms, instead of relying on it to monitor your mood in the long run.

To avoid becoming addicted, be sure to start with a particular dosage, and slowly reduce it as your alcohol withdrawal symptoms subside. If your symptoms are not subsiding, stop using kratom and seek medical help for your withdrawal process.

Comparing the Top Kratom Brands

To help you search for the best kratom for alcohol withdrawal, we are sharing the top kratom brands available today.

Top Kratom Vendors Pros Cons
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-Offers capsules, powders, and liquids
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VIP Kratom -Specializes in premium kratom
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Final Thoughts: Can Kratom Help with Alcohol Withdrawal?

So, is kratom good for alcohol withdrawal? While there is no one magic cure that will reverse the effects alcohol has had on your system, it’s reported that using kratom for alcohol withdrawal may help alleviate your symptoms to make the process easier, helping boost your success in finally kicking the habit once and for all.

For help on your journey to using kratom to stop drinking, there are many strains and ways to take kratom offered at Payless Kratom. To begin, explore our red and green strains online today. Just contact us!

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