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How and Where to Store Kratom Properly: Dos and Don’ts

  • March 18, 2022

How and Where to Store Kratom Properly: Dos and Don’ts

Believe it or not, how to store kratom has a huge impact on how you experience this incredible herb. Storage may not seem like a huge deal, but in reality, it can help keep the product fresh for as long as possible to help you enjoy your experience.

At Payless Kratom, we have extensive experience on what is the best way to store kratom so you can further enjoy your experience.

Why Is Storing Kratom Correctly Important?

Nothing will derail your kratom or kratom extract experience more than poorly storing the product. Generally speaking, kratom lasts up to three months. During this time period, two alkaloids (mitragynine and 7-hydroxy mitragynine) start to break down.

When kratom is exposed to oxygen, it starts to break down the alkaloids, thus detracting from the overall experience. By properly storing kratom at its freshest, you can help to preserve the compounds and extend its lifespan to over a year.

It is these alkaloids that are responsible for the flavors and effects of kratom. For the same reason that you re-cork a bottle of wine between drinking or storing your coffee beans in a sealed container, you should make sure that your kratom is properly stored.

In extreme cases, poorly stored kratom can develop mold. If you see mold on any of the kratoms that you are planning to consume, it’s best to toss it and get a fresh batch instead.

Things That Affect Kratom’s Life

When you are deciding on the best way to keep bulk kratom fresh or how long you can store powdered kratom, here are some variables to consider.

Temperature Changes

The temperature has a large impact on kratom’s freshness. Ideally, you should store kratom in a cool place that isn’t prone to temperature fluctuation. When there’s a significant change in the temperature spectrum, the product will degrade quickly. For example, if your kitchen faces south and gets a ton of sunlight throughout the day, consider choosing a different storage location. Dark pantries or root cellars are ideal locations for storing kratom.

UV Light

Just as they damage your skin, UV rays can be harmful to your kratom. Sunlight can cause alkaloids to break down. If you’re storing kratom in a spot exposed to UV light, consider moving it to a lower-light area. While kratom can handle some levels of UV light exposure, always be mindful of how much sun your kratom is receiving. Invest in a dark glass jar to slow the deterioration process.

Excessive Oxygen

Another factor to consider is oxygen. When it comes to metals, oxygen can result in rust. Oxidation can also occur in foods and vitamins. Kratom is similar as it is also prone to oxidation. Because the substance is organic, as soon as it is removed from the tree, it becomes susceptible to environmental changes. If possible, keep oxygen exposure to a minimum when you are storing your kratom.

Strong Smells and Odors

Some kratom users opt to store kratom in the refrigerator if they cannot find another cool, dark place. While it’s a great option for storage, be mindful that odors could impact the taste. If you have onions or cooked meat in your fridge, they can impact the way your kratom smells. Always factor in anything else that is stored with kratom, as kratom has the potential to absorb the smell.

Tips for Storing Kratom

how to store kratom powder

Let’s talk about how to store kratom powder the right way to yield fresh, enjoyable results.

Short-Term Kratom Storage (1-3 Months)

Short-term kratom storage is simple. Divide your kratom into small portions for each day and place those portions into individual plastic bags. One key element to this storage method is to remove the air from the bag to get rid of excess oxygen. Close the bag as much as you can before pressing it down to remove excess air. If needed, you can also use a straw to suck the air out before zipping the bag.

Once the bags are sealed, place them in a larger plastic bin. The result will be kratom that is safely stored away from oxygen, dampness, and UV light. If you’re willing to risk the freshness of your kratom, you can also opt to store it in the freezer. There isn’t enough research on whether or not this method is better than other storage methods. We don’t recommend using the freezer to store kratom in the long run as it can cause freezer burn.

Long-Term Kratom Storage (3-12 Months)

How to store kratom long-term is similar to short-term kratom storage. We recommend using the same method; divide your kratom bulk into more substantial portions than you would for short-term use. Then, save some of these bulks together in a bin or a bag. Depending on how often you use it, you can split it up by month, form, or strain. Once you use your short-term supply, you’ll easily be able to take out your next portion.

Storing Kratom Tea

What about how to store kratom tea? Drinking kratom tea is a popular consumption method for many users. Feel free to make the tea in advance so you don’t need to make individual cups. The tea will last in the refrigerator for a week or indefinitely in the freezer. Always keep your kratom tea stored in an air-tight container that’s located in the back of your fridge.

Consider freezing the tea once you’ve brewed it. Brew the tea just as you would any other tea and allow it to cool to room temperature. Then, transfer it to a plastic container such as an ice cube tray. Ensure that the container is not glass as it may break when the liquid expands into a solid. Make sure to seal or cover it so it doesn’t pick up other odors from the freezer.

Many kratom users potentiate their supply by creating and freezing a kratom paste. By freezing it, it breaks the plant cell walls and releases the alkaloids faster.


how to store kratom tea

As you can see, storing kratom properly is hugely important. Here are some essential aspects of successful kratom storage.

Use Air-Tight Jars

Once the leaves come off of the tree, they start to break down. In terms of where you should store kratom, always opt for a mason jar if possible and use an air-tight lid. Doing so can help delay the chemical reaction from occurring. If possible, only store your kratom in new containers that have secure lids. Old jars might not have the proper seal. Vacuum-sealed food bags or food-grade plastic bags are another option to consider.

Stay Clear of UV Light

As we mentioned above, long-term kratom storage has the best results when the container is not located in the sun. The UV light will speed up the aging process and accelerate how quickly the kratom goes bad. If your powder becomes clear, it means it was exposed to UV light. Ideally, you’ll use an opaque container so no excess light gets through.

Keep Your Kratom Dry

Moisture is a huge detriment to the quality of your kratom. If it gets inside of your storage container, it can result in mold development, leaving you with no choice but to toss the impacted product away. Avoid these frustrating issues by placing your storage container in a dark, dry location. For example, avoid storing your kratom in the bathroom as it has excess humidity from the shower.

Store Each Dose Separately

Rather than storing all of your kratoms in one location, consider breaking it up into smaller portions to keep it as fresh as possible. Use separate containers or bags and label them with the date you filled it and the type of strain that is inside. This way, every time you go to open your container, you are not exposing the rest of your supply to light and oxygen. Instead, only the amount that you will use is subjected to the negative side effects.

Maintain Stable and Cool Temperatures

Heat has the potential to rapidly impact the quality of your kratom. You must maintain a cool temperature to slow down the aging process. If possible, use a dark room or a cellar for storage as there are fewer temperature changes in these areas. In the case that you opt for freezer storage as we mentioned above, it’s ideal that you take your powder out and let it defrost before you remove the lid.


how to store kratom long term

Now that we’ve discussed what to do when storing your kratom, let’s examine the things you shouldn’t do.

Don’t Use Other Equipment

One thing you shouldn’t do when it comes to how to store kratom extract is to put it in the same location as your tobacco. Many people are under the belief that the storage process for these two things is the same, but this notion is false. Cigar humidifiers keep the humidity level around 70%, but this moisture level will directly impact the texture, taste, and effects of your kratom powder. Kratom is best when it is stored in 40% relative humidity or less.

Avoid Taking Out Too Much

After putting in the work to set up a functional storage system, many users will take out more power than they intend to use at once. This may not seem like a huge deal, but it’s tricky to put the leftovers back in the mason jar. Once the kratom is out, it is exposed to the elements and its effects will begin to deteriorate. To avoid this, use separate bags for storage.

Don’t Let Your Kratom Breathe

As the kratom leaves are already dead and ground up, there is no reason to let them breathe before storing them. Openly storing your kratom will create the potential for oxidation and contamination, two elements that will impact the product. To help prevent oxidation from occurring, try to avoid allowing fresh oxygen into the container before you store it.

Don’t Use Equipment For Other Products For Kratom Storing

It may be tempting to use a fancy cigar humidor to store your kratom, but this will only have a negative impact. In reality, aged tobacco and freshly dried kratom are very different substances that require unique care.

How To Check If Your Kratom Is Still Good

When you’re ready to use your stored kratom, it’s ideal to look for any signs of deterioration before use. Here are some signs that your kratom has gone bad:

  • Loss of smell
  • Loss of color
  • Freezer burn
  • Visible signs of decay
  • Signs of mold

If you notice any of the above signs, always get rid of the kratom and purchase it fresh instead.

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